Update on Church Services and Special Business Meeting

Good evening all,

Given the fact that Charity tested positive for Covid-19 last Saturday morning, I thought it good to develop a plan for the next few church services.  The Center for Disease Control spoke with us today and said Charity  would be non-infectious by Monday, May 31st.  She will be returning to work June 1st and will resume attending services on Wednesday, June 2nd.  Carly will have to start her 10 day quarantine on May 31st.  Carly will not be attending services until Wednesday, June 9th.  The CDC representative said I do not have to quarantine and can freely go out in public because I had both vaccination shots back in March.

The last time anyone at church had contact with Charity (other than Carly and I) was last Thursday (May20th).  Their 10 day quarantine time will end on May 30th  as long as they do not develop symptoms.  All this to say, I think it best to live stream the services this Wednesday and next Sunday (May 30th).  We will plan to gather together again on Wednesday, June 2nd.

We had planned a special business meeting after service this Wednesday to vote on whether or not to pay “NaturaLawn of America to treat the church lawn so it will be a better lawn.  Their estimate is attached below.  It will open if you click on it.

The deacons and I reviewed the estimate and our recommendation would be to have them do the 5 treatments of fertilizing/weed control and the preventative grub treatment.  We thought we could see how the lawn looked after that and decide at a later date whether we want them to do a fall aeration and over-seeding.  They do a soil test prior to fertilizing so they know what components need to be added to the lawn for fertilizer.  This is automatically included in the estimate price.  The fertilizer is a liquid fertilizer.  If the church family votes for the two treatments the cost will be $949.15 (with the 3% prepay discount).  If the church wants to also include the aeration and over-seeding, the total cost will be $1,708.47 (with the 3% prepay discount).

I will notify the church family by Facebook Messenger of this post and have each member vote on Messenger or by phone call this Wednesday (May 26th).  That way, if the church votes in favor of the treatments, we will be able to sign the estimate in time to still qualify for the 3% discount.  If anyone has any questions on these matters, please give me a call.

The Lord is good always and we can rejoice in Him no matter what our situation is.    – Pastor Steve –

Eggemoggin NLA Estimate